Small Group Journeys

Our Small Group Journeys collection of bespoke worldwide travel jaunts are hand-crafted by Jacinta Blundell, a long-term travel industry professional with more than 25 years experience and husband Brad whose food/wine expertise ensures every itinerary has a gastronomic highlight.

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All tours feature hand-selected boutique accommodation in superb scenic or central locations or are chosen for the heritage attributes and refined amenities. We sail by small ship, or yacht, tour in private vehicles and our gourmet highlights are designed to showcase regional cuisine, including private tastings and hands on demonstrations.
Two intriguing countries and one dramatic river equal a grand adventure.
Discover Russia's stunning countryside & ancient towns.
Discover the gems of this timeless land of dramatic deserts.
Experience wine tastings, cuisine & regional delights.
Explore the islands of Aloha!
Experience extraordinary landscapes and wildlife!
Explore mother nature's most natural wonders.
Timeless ancient traditions fused with modern life.
Your dream European summer escapade.
Solo Group Journeys are hand-selected hosted tours, packages, cruises and soft adventures offering in-depth, immersive itineraries, culinary highlights with the safety comfort and companionship of travelling in a small group. Offered exclusively to single travellers, with low single room supplements or twin-share rooming options.

Your Hosts


Wine Expert & SGJ Host

Brad Blundell is our qualified, resident Wine Expert and Small Group Journeys host. Brad's gastronomic expertise ensures every itinerary has a culinary highlight or premium tasting experience - whether wine, liqueur, craft beer, olive oil, cheese, truffles or regional delicacies.


Owner Helloworld Travel & SGJ

The Small Group Journeys collection of cruises and private tours are hand-crafted by Jacinta Blundell, a long-term travel industry professional and owner of Helloworld Travel Buderim and Helloworld Travel Caboolture King Street - both formerly Harvey World Travel stores before the national re-branding.


Co-Owner Helloworld Travel & SGJ

Geoff Bell is Jacinta's father and business partner, and co-owns Helloworld Travel Buderim and Helloworld Travel Caboolture King St. Passionate about travel, wine and great adventures, Geoff is an experienced traveller, and recently co-hosted our Small Group Journeys Panama & Mexico tour.

Journey with us

From family-friendly adventures to picturesque landscapes in far off lands, Jacinta has countless adventures to share with keen travellers with a passion for wanderlust.


“We had the best fun on our Small Group Journey to Italy and Croatia. Jacinta had every detail smoothly organised and Brad made sure no one got lost or left out. A very varied but active group, we laughed long and loud every day as we ate great food, tasted good wines, and explored interesting places. The accommodation was pretty special too! We’re looking forward to taking another Small Group Journey before too long."


"From planning journeys and having showcasing events, Jacinta and Brad are efficient and organized, giving 110% to ensure their guests have a fantastic experience. Their Small Group Journeys capture the all-important interests of the areas visited as well as local food and wine experiences. Itinerary changes while travelling, go without a hitch and sometimes end up finding something exciting like the Edivo Wine Bar where the wine (Navis Mysterium) is aged in bottles under the sea.


“Jacinta's office for "Small Group Journeys" should be in Geneva as they run smoothly as a Swiss watch. Each journey is meticulously planned down to the last detail, and very importantly there is always a PLAN B. We have had the pleasure of joining Jacinta on several journeys, they were memorable fun filled trips. Jacinta’s Small group Journeys are not the cheapest BUT they are very good value for money. You see what you went to see in comfort and from the best vantage point."

Alan & Robyn

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